Join the Phystep 10,000 Step Challenge
for Effortless Weight Loss and Toned Thighs!

Are you ready to embark on an incredible fitness journey that will transform your body and boost your confidence? Introducing the highly anticipated Phystep 10,000 Step Challenge! Slip into our cutting-edge leggings with integrated kinesiological tapes, lace up your sneakers, and get ready for a step-by-step workout that will help you achieve your weight loss and thigh toning goals. Let’s dive into the exciting exercises that will take you to the 10,000-step milestone!

Phystep leggings are here to take your workout to the next level! Integrated kinesiological tapes work seamlessly to support your muscles and enhance your calorie-burning potential. In fact, wearing Phystep leggings can help you burn an extra 20% of calories during your workout, maximizing the benefits of each step you take.

Workout Description:

  1. Warm-up (1,000 steps): Begin your workout with a brisk walk for approximately 10 minutes. Focus on warming up your muscles and increasing your heart rate. This will prepare your body for the challenge ahead.

  2. Power Walk (4,000 steps): Engage in a power walk session for approximately 30-40 minutes. Maintain a brisk pace while swinging your arms in sync with your stride. Keep your core engaged and your posture upright. This power walk will help you burn calories, boost your metabolism, and get your blood pumping.

During the power walk, the kinesiological tapes in Phystep leggings provide targeted support to your thighs, helping to engage your muscles and increase blood flow. With each step, you’ll not only burn calories and boost your metabolism but also experience the added benefit of the integrated kinesiological tapes working in harmony with your movements.

  1. Lunge Walks (2,000 steps): Now it’s time to target those thighs! Perform alternating lunge walks to engage your leg muscles and challenge your balance. Take a step forward with your right leg, lowering your body into a lunge position. Push off with your right foot and bring your left leg forward into the next lunge. Continue this pattern for the designated number of steps.

As you perform the alternating lunge walks, the kinesiological tapes in Phystep leggings continue to play their part. They provide support to your thighs, helping to activate and tone the muscles as you lunge forward. Enjoy the enhanced muscle engagement and thigh-toning benefits that these innovative leggings offer.

  1. Stair Climbing (2,000 steps): Find a flight of stairs or use a stair climber machine if available. Ascend and descend the stairs repeatedly, focusing on pushing through your thighs and engaging your glutes. This exercise will not only strengthen your lower body but also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.

When it’s time for stair climbing, the integrated kinesiological tapes provide targeted support and muscle activation to your thighs and glutes. As you push through each step, you’ll feel the difference that Phystep leggings make in maximizing your effort and helping you achieve a more effective cardiovascular workout.

  1. Cool Down (1,000 steps): Complete your workout with a leisurely walk for approximately 10 minutes. Allow your heart rate to gradually decrease and your muscles to recover. Take this time to reflect on your accomplishments and congratulate yourself on completing the Phystep 10,000 Step Challenge!

After completing the challenge, take a moment to cool down with a leisurely walk. Reflect on your achievements and appreciate the role that Phystep leggings played in supporting your workout and helping you reach your fitness goals.

Join the Phystep 10,000 Step Challenge today and experience the benefits of our innovative leggings with integrated kinesiological tapes. Burn more calories, target your thighs, and unlock a new level of fitness and confidence as you take each step towards a healthier you!

Step Up to the Challenge and Unleash Your Full Potential with Phystep Leggings!

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Front thighs: m.quadriceps femoris (consists of: rectus femoris (middle), vastus lateralis (outer side) and vastus medialis (inner side).

Back hamstrings (consists of m.semimembranosus (inner side), m.semitendinosus (middle) and m.biceps femoris (outer side).

These are the exact muscle that are being stimulated and forced to work up to 20% more using PHYSTEP leggings.

You always lose calories due to your metabolism.
However, you will not lose additional calories, even if you wear PHYSTEP leggings while doing nothing. 
HOWEVER, our leggings do pressure your muscles even while sitting so it still has an effect. Even if you do not lose additional calories, your muscles will passively be toned into a better shape.

You will lose weight only if your daily calorie intake is less than what your body needs.

It is GUARANTEED that PHYSTEP leggings will make you lose more calories, however, if you still continue to take up more calories then spend – you will never lose weight.
If, for example, you were spending the exact same amount of calories every day that you were taking in, then with the addition of PHYSTEP you will gradually start losing weight.

Good luck! 🙂

We certainly will, however, this currently is our only model.

No, there is a significant difference between compression and muscle stimulation (phystep).

Compression relieves muscles and improves blood circulation.

Phystep stimulates muscles with the help of our design protected technology. This allows the wearer to burn calories instead of relieve muscles after training. 

None of the compression technologies allows muscle stimulation making Phystep innovative compared to others.

Yes, Phystep leggings effect is almost unnoticable and is very effective for people on tight schedules when they wish to find more calorie burning methods.

Therefore, wearing phystep to the office is very effective.

Appart from that, you can wear Phystep pretty much anywhere, whenever you are looking to burn more calories.

Keep in mind that it is not suggested to wear Phystep leggings while swimming. 

Phystep is great for running!
Immagine running 10km but burning calories as if you had just run 12km?

That is Phystep. With these leggings you will increase the calorie consumption by up to 20%.

Please contact us via and we will help you find your perfect size.

With Phystep, it is very important to choose the correct size, since the leggings have to be a tighter fit in order to make them most effective!

have some questions?

Let us know anything you have to ask. Maybe some suggestions – we will gladly look into it! 

have some questions?

Let us know anything you have to ask. Maybe some suggestions – we will gladly look into it!